Caregiving: MStory, Your Guide

This book is about the author’s personal experience as a caregiver, how he became one, everything he learned along the way and what a wonderful life two people can have together regardless of the situation.


The author wants to share what he learned; information from doctors, insurance companies, the pharmaceutical industry, disability claims and a number of other important issues including positive thinking and a happy life. His real life experiences have been “battle” tested in the totality of caregiving.


The information he shares relates to all caregivers and many situations; from diseases, accidental disability and war wounded veterans.  He further describes how one caregiver, over a period of 24 years, was able to maneuver across the “battlefield,” still survive and not succumb to battle fatigue.


Someone else’s knowledge about something negative can make things more positive for you…and that is an important part of what this book is about.


Many books out there are a wonderful collection of data compiled from the internet and government sources and provide answers to many issues. This book covers the “must do” items which are based on his experiences that can be used as a reference guide and adapted to your individualized situation. Every patient is different and in order to earn the “Caregiver of the year” award, you must find what works best for them.


The most important issue is to realize that a severely disabled person needs to be treated with respect and dignity. Unfortunately, too many handicapped patients are disposed of like a useless piece of furniture or parked out of sight at some poorly run institution. What would you want to happen to you, should you ever be disabled as a result of an accident or disease?

REMEMBER - - it can happen to anyone – anytime, including YOU!


rigue, Capitalism, Love: My True Story

This is the fascinating and intriguing true story of one person’s rush through history.

r J. DeSofi was born in Cuba and left there during a revolution, only to arrive in Germany during the tumultuous years prior to WWII. Educated in Germany, he attended a military school: and at sixteen, he was a spy for the American Government in Soviet-occupied East Germany, Returning to his native Cuba, he continued his education. He earned degrees in math and physics. In the early fifties, as a university student, he participated in revolutionary activities. Then, years prior to Castro’s takeover, he decided to move to the USHe obtained a job at American Airlines and was involved in the development of the famous SABRE system, the first commercial real-time computer system in the world. He was in charge of that, while concurrently working as an FBI undercover operative exposing subversive Castro elements. NBNA, a CIT subsidiary, retained him to modernize the bank. During his tenure, he advanced to EVP in charge of Systems and Operations. He left the bank after his highly skilled organization successfully implemented two on-line systems simultaneously and in record time, an effort recognized by other industry leaders as a unique accomplishment. He became president of a computer services company in Austin, Texas, which he sold to American Airlines. Right after the first Gulf War, Arab National Bank in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia retained him as their head of operations and chief technologist. He implemented a state-of-the-art real-time banking system in that country.

e retired at an early age to become a 24/7 caretaker for his quadriplegic wife, who is afflicted by the severest form of Multiple Sclerosis.

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